Urban (rural) Legend of One Heroic Sekyu

I’m trying to do some research about my hometown, San Luis Batangas, and I stumbled into this Philippine jurisprudence entry from The LawPhil Project database, about a robbery case from the only bank I know that exists in our town – Rural Bank of San Luis (I used to ride a bicycle when I deposit cash when I was 11). Eto pala ang kinukwento sa akin ng aking Lola Conching, meron isang matapang na sekyu na bumanat sa isang jeep ng holdapers. Mantakin mong isang sekyu lang vs pitong holdaper! Naalala ko tuloy si Lito Lapid … The security guard’s name is Julian Agojo. I imagine ala Max Payne with car chase pa ang kwento. Read the full entry HERE.


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